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October 2021
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Stylish & Modern Tristone Countertops 

Tristone worktops offer homeowners a stylish yet practical and hard-wearing kitchen countertop. This acrylic solid surface is the ideal choice for people seeking to make a lasting impression with their kitchen restorations.

Combining practicality, elegance and durability, our Tristone kitchen worktops enable you to create a distinctive kitchen that poses limitless design options. Tristone countertops also boast unrivalled hygiene benefits. Due to its non-porous and seamless surface, this worktop plays an effective role in fighting bacteria, germs, mildew and other nasty germs.

Tristone worktops are one of the most cost-effective choices for people looking to create their dream modern kitchen. Available in a vast range of distinctive colours, including solid, concrete and marbled colours, you are guaranteed to find a shade that suits your personal tastes. From Snow Pearl to Night Sky and everything in between, Tristone can provide you with your perfect worktop surface.

Worktops that are easily maintained and hard wearing

Another major benefit of choosing a Tristone worktop is that they are incredibly easy to clean and practically fire proof. Tristone boasts a Class 0 Warrington Fire Certification and is classed as building material B1, so you will have complete peace of mind.

Kitchen worktops face various pressures and demands during their lifespan and could suffer accidental damage. However, Tristone countertops, whether they are used in a contemporary kitchen or modern kitchen, are incredibly easy to repair. Thanks to their continuous colour, Tristone worktops do not need to be completely replaced if accidentally cracked, chipped or broken. Unlike some of their counterparts, a Tristone worktop can be repaired with minimal fuss. This will not only save homeowners money, it will also minimise any potential disruption.

If you would like to view our full range of Tristone kitchen worktops or discuss your bespoke kitchen options further, visit our Derby showroom or call us on 01332 204064.ueew